Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{ A Lily Party } Ava's Girly Superhero party

It's been 3 months since my daughter Ava's party and I am finally finding time to post it up!

I know she had so much fun, which is always my goal when I keep the my girl's parties in mind. I had asked her what kind of party she wanted this year, and to my surprise she yelled out, " A SUPER HERO party!" It isn't really considered a girly party, I guess, so princess crowns and fairy wings had to be erased from my mind. The challenge wasn't too difficult, but gathering ideas was a little more like a treasure hunt. 
Like every superhero party, there had to be a London Phone Booth to change into their life-saving outfits! At first, I wanted to really create the scenario of having the kids "actually" change in the phone booth, but I recalled that the children are all under 5 years so it probably wouldn't be as successful as the idea in mind - unless their parents where inside helping them change. Instead, the Phone Booth became a secret hide-out or a place to escape from the bad guys. Who is saving who!? Haha. I got the box from Lowes. Let me just take a moment to thank their AWESOME customer service. The gentleman, one of the employees was kind of enough to hold a few boxes for me. I had originally expected one box because he said that is all they will receive in shipment that morning, but when my husband called  - he said he has a two more available. Usually, they only get a few refrigerator boxes because most of them come wrapped up in wrapping paper ( I forget what kind). Luckily (!!) ... Samsung still provides their fridges in boxes. I called other stores ( I don't want to mention which) but they didn't have any. So, if you want a huge London Phone booth, I suggest you check Lowes first! On a funny note... during that phone call from my husband,  he said, "Your projects are a pain in the butt." HAHA! I know this man loves me :)
As soon as the children walked in through the door they were immediately presented with their Superhero capes, masks, and hair clips! I made the capes myself along with their belts, and arm cuffs. MUCH more CHEAPER!

 I am always on a budget, and I've probably mentioned this way too many times in my blog posts.Therefore, the dessert table was simple. All that was included were cupcakes ( I made), cookies, rice krispie treats ( I made), and Ava's cake ( I made). 

By the way, I did end up getting an extra fridge box and used it for their backdrop! I lined up painters tape (that blue tape) to help guide me with the sunburst lines. Then, I alternatively painted two types of Pink colors which I purchased at Walmart. It worked out great! For a while I had a hard time figuring out what I could use to create the Sunburst because I didn't want to spend money on Fabric! This was so much cheaper, absolutely FREE - except the paint.The city was also made from left over cardboard boxes from our recent move. I cut it up to match her invitation.

 I wanted the parents to have some fun too! So, I made these Supermom and Superdad stickers to pass around. It generated quite the laugh! I'll work on having them available to you soon. Please forgive the low quality photo. It was me and my husband's attempt to take the picture ourselves in such horrible light.

I also made these printable Bam, Pow, and Zap signs which you can get here.

I am a bit shy, but I'll go ahead and include a tiny pic of me and my husband. I swear, this man is my night in shining armor. He lifted me up and said, "take a picture!"

Come the weekend, we went out to the city to take some even more fun Superhero shots! You can see more at my page here.

I hope you found some great ideas here if you have a daughter or son who wants a Superhero party!


Printable Items : {Me} at My Paper Lily
Cookies :  Not Betty Cookies
Ava's Super hero mask : World of Whimm
Rice Krispie Toppers (cupcake toppers) : Top my cupcake
Bam and Pow hairclips :  The Wannabe Crafter
Other Super hero masks :  Baby Pop
Photography : {Me} Landing on Lilies

Monday, May 21, 2012

{Lovely Customers} Princess and the Pea cake

I am so excited to share this beautiful cake that was inspired by my Princess and the Pea invitation here.

What a treat it was for this cake to be shared with me :) I really wish I could have been able to hire Heather of the Cincy Cake Lady! to make this for my daughter's Princess and the Pea party!
  If you are near her you should definitely consider her for your next special event. Here is her website. 
Thank you again, Heather for sharing your wonderful creation!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Gosh! I've been absent for quite a while! But, I am returning with another FREE item!! My daughters love Tangled (Repunzel), so I figured that dressing up their room with the sun flags would be so fun! So, I want to share this same opportunity with you all :) I found this image below on the internet to help me get an idea of how the flags looked in the movie. Unfortunately, I can't remember which site I pulled it from to give proper credit.

Well! Here they are! I have included two versions so you can choose which you prefer best. Just simply right click the image and save onto your computer. All I ask is that you leave a comment below letting me know you took it and would also LOVE to see pictures of how you used them!!
P.S You can get invitations here:

Thank you,

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pillow Mattress or pillow futon

I am raving all about this awesome pillow mattress concept that I decided to take my chance at recreating it! I am not an avid or experienced sewer, but this wasn't to difficult to figure out myself. What do you think? If I sell these in my shop would you be interested in purchasing it?! I absolutely love this for many reasons, it's portable and can be used for nap time or hanging out anywhere around your house.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{Party Fun} my daughters' "Princess and the Pea" pajama party!

My daughter Elaena is the youngest of three, so of course she is the baby - my little pea. I didn't want to give her just a party based on sweet peas alone. When I recalled the story "The Princess and the Pea" I thought it was perfect! I am a mom on a major budget, so the photography, every crafted detail and edible item I made/did myself ....except those gorgeous cookies! It was actually quite easy to sew the pillows and sleep masks, hopefully I can get a tutorial up soon! The mattresses are actually toddler mattresses!
I went through2 1/2 weeks of searching for them on craigslist. The girls got to draw (fabric markers) on their own pea pillow.
You can get all the printable items here in my shop: my Paper lily.
Come check follow my photography page at Landing On Lilies
P.S! I realized I spelled "princess" incorrectly in my signs - eek. But, it is all fixed in my shop : D

Vendor Credits:
Frame: Ikea
Animal Slippers: Crazy for Bargains
Bunny Slipper: Bunny Slippers
                                               Princess Pajama Dress: Embellish Kids Boutique
Birthday girl crown: Miss Ruby Sue
Fabric: Joann
Green Frame: Joann
Printables: Me!

Friday, September 23, 2011

{Party Fun} Fly with the Butterflies to Grace's Party!

I had another privilege to work with the awesome Vintage Couture Fashion Stylist - Audrey Mckinley to help with her beautiful daughter Grace's 5th birthday! The colors in this party take me to another place! I wish I could have been a kid at the party to soak in all the beautiful colors and pretend I am a butterfly in "Butterfly Land"!
I am positive Grace had a wonderful time! Check out that pretty crown ...Audrey made it herself for all the butterfly gals! Okay, I am going to just let these fun fun FUN pictures express the fabulous'ness of this Butterfly Party! For party credits....flutter your way to the end of this post!


Party Credits:
Party Creation - Audrey McKinley 
Photographer - Kim Kirker Photography
Cake & Cupcakes - Ditzie Cakes
Butterfly Wings and Tutu's - Halo Heaven
Printable Decor -Me - The Giving Madam


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